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Neural Probes Techniques Webinars 


Methodology for Success...

Join us for a tour de force webinar series discussing a range of neuro-techniques and best practices for using our silicon neural probes in a variety of species and settings from in vitro to head-fixed to free-behaving.

Learn first-hand from experts in the field as they describe their own experimental challenges and how they successfully addressed them using our neural probes. Each webinar includes an interactive Q+A session with discussion.

Zoe Christenson-Wick is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Mount Sinai Medical School and will describe the development and use of PhaSER; a low-latency open-source tool which allows her to perform real-time oscillatory phase estimation and apply optogenetic manipulations at precise phases of hippocampal theta during high-density electrophysiological recordings in head-fixed mice while they navigate a virtual environment. Reference:...

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In this ground-breaking webinar, Hannah Payne from Dmitry Aronov's lab describes her pioneering work exploring hippocampal place-cells in freely-behaving birds. Learn how she used miniaturised technology to overcome the technical challenges of generating high-channel-count electrophysiology data while working with extremely, behaving small animals. Reference:

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