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Neural Probes Techniques Webinars 


Methodology for Success...

Join us for a tour de force webinar series discussing a range of neuro-techniques and best practices for using our silicon neural probes in a variety of species and settings from in vitro to head-fixed to free-behaving.

Learn first-hand from experts in the field as they describe their own experimental challenges and how they successfully addressed them using our neural probes. Each webinar includes an interactive Q+A session with discussion.

Nuo Li (Baylor College of Medicine, USA) shares novel insights into coordinated interhemispheric large-scale neural network activity underpinning short-term memory in mice. Relevant techniques covered include: simultaneous multi-regional recordings using multiple 64-channel H probes during head-fixed behaviour in mice. simultaneous optogenetics and population recording. analysis of population recordings to infer interactions between brain regions. Reference: Chen G, Kang B, Lindsey J, Druckmann...

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In this webinar, we join Brendan Ito and Teja Bollu who break new-ground in their exciting collaboration exploring real-time motor control using the mouse tongue as a novel model system. With the aid of high-speed videography, tongue movement dynamics can be extracted and related to ongoing activity in the anterolateral motor cortex (ALM) during targeted licking and during perturbations evoked by photoinhibition in the ALM, revealing that ALM activity exhibits performance-related signals...

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Join the talented Ali Weber from Tom Daniel's lab and learn how she used our probes in a novel insect preparation to record from sensorimotor neurons controlling the moth wing. Insights on how moths solve the problems of aerodynamic feedback are brought to light leading to an interesting discussion on how this relates to other animal systems in neuroscience.

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