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Neural Probes Techniques Webinars 


Methodology for Success...

Join us for a tour de force webinar series discussing a range of neuro-techniques and best practices for using our silicon neural probes in a variety of species and settings from in vitro to head-fixed to free-behaving.

Learn first-hand from experts in the field as they describe their own experimental challenges and how they successfully addressed them using our neural probes. Each webinar includes an interactive Q+A session with discussion.

Hear from leading-lights within the behaving marmoset field: Patrick Jendritza (Ernst Strungman Institute) describes his multi-target chronic probe implants across the visual cortices, encompassing 196-channel recording of single units with optogenetics for > 1 year in each animal. Reza Shadmehr and Paul Hage (Johns Hopkins University) describe their innovative approach for daily acute probe penetration spanning many months in head-fixed behaving marmoset to record cerebellar Purkinje cells;...

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In this double-bill webinar Tahl Holtzman (Founder of Cambridge NeuroTech) offers a general introduction to using our silicon neural probes in a variety of experimental settings encompassing anaesthetised, head-fixed and freely-behaving studies. Surgical approaches for chronic implantation are also covered. Nelson Totah (University of Helsinki) describes how he has applied chronically implanted probes to boost his single unit data yields in head-fixed behaving rats working on a GO / NO-GO task).

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