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State-of-the-Art SpikeSorting with SpikeInterface: Overview & Tutorial

In this combined webinar and tutorial, with Alessio Buccino and Samuel Garcia, we cover the basics of using SpikeInterface for running multiple spike-sorting packages on extracellular raw spike data, recorded using our advanced silicon neural probes. The talk covers a brief history of spike-sorting, current challenges and describes the benefits and benchmarks of SpikeInterface, as a prelude to a hands-on demo / tutorial session (presented in the next webinar).

Spikeinterface is a collection of Python modules designed to improve the accessibility, reliability, and reproducibility of spike sorting and all its associated computations. With SpikeInterface, users can:

  • read/write many extracellular file formats | pre-process extracellular recordings | run many popular, semi-automatic spike sorters | post-process sorted datasets | compare and benchmark spike sorting outputs | validate and curate spike sorting outputs | visualize recordings and spike sorting outputs.
A recent tutorial that showcases how to use SpikeInterface with Cambridge Neurotech probes is available here.
You can also check out the SpikeInterface documentation and don't hesitate to open issues on the GitHub repo if you have any further questions.