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SpikeInterface - Spike-Sorting Overview (Part 1 of 2)

In this combined webinar and tutorial, with Alessio Buccino and Samuel Garcia, we cover the basics of using SpikeInterface for running multiple spike-sorting packages on extracellular raw spike data, recorded using our advanced silicon neural probes. The talk covers a brief history of spike-sorting, current challenges and describes the benefits and benchmarks of SpikeInterface, as a prelude to a hands-on demo / tutorial session (presented in the next webinar).

Spikeinterface is a collection of Python modules designed to improve the accessibility, reliability, and reproducibility of spike sorting and all its associated computations. With SpikeInterface, users can:

  • read/write many extracellular file formats | pre-process extracellular recordings | run many popular, semi-automatic spike sorters | post-process sorted datasets | compare and benchmark spike sorting outputs | validate and curate spike sorting outputs | visualize recordings and spike sorting outputs.

If you want to install SpikeInterface and run it with example raw data please visit: Feel free to use your own data later on!

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